Third Party Logistics Overview

Boyd Logistics can provide you with consistent truck capacity throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. Through our large carrier base and our 2,000+ company trucks, we can provide you with any type of equipment required to move your load safely, legally and on time.

Boyd Logistics has the ability to accept loads from you electronically through your web based load tendering software. We can enter into rate agreements through your contact or ours or on a load-by-load basis. To book a load with us, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives; we will be happy to assist you.

Should a claim occur, Boyd Logistics will process the claim every step of the way making sure you are paid for your loss. At no time will we turn a claim over to the carrier to handle; we will always help to resolve any issue.

At Boyd Logistics, we believe that safety and service go hand in hand. Loads are tendered and accepted by our carriers electronically with a detailed load confirmation providing the information a driver needs to pickup and deliver the cargo with ease. We use Carrier411 to monitor carrier safety scores. Our carriers are a reflection of our service and we strive to be the best.

SMS Basic Score Thresholds:

  • Unsafe Driving = 65
  • Hours of Service = 65
  • Driver Fitness = 80
  • Controlled Substances = 80
  • Vehicle Maintenance = 80

Carrier Requirements:

  • W9
  • Letter of Authority
  • Current Insurance:
    $1,000,000 Auto Liability
    $100,000 Cargo
  • Workman’s Compensation or our waiver
  • Our Contract
  • New Carrier Information Page


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